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UGREEN 2 Pack iPhone 13 Pro Max Privacy Screen Protector

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  • Product Code: 13 Pro Max Privacy Screen Protector
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28 Degree Privacy

It is a film to prevent others from peeping or called privacy protection film. Its main functions: protect privacy, prevent peeking, protect the information on the screen, realize that the screen information is visible on the front, and the screen information is not visible on the side, preventing people next to it from seeing the contents of the screen, thereby protecting your privacy .

Sensitive Touch

It can protect the sensitive glass surface from damage and scratches without affecting the touch function. They also have a special anti-blue light coating, which can reduce high-energy short-wave blue light from reaching the eyes.

All-inclusive Screen

UGREEN compatible for iPhone screen protector will self-expel air bubbles when it automatically adsorption with the screen,and realize the all-inclusive effect of the screen. The hydrophobic oleophobic coating has excellent abrasion performance, the fingerprints won't stay on the surface over long-term use. Say goodbye to smudges and fingerprint, keep your phone screen shiny and clean.


Having endured the 9H hardness test, UGREEN screen protector has been proved to avoid daily scratches and scrapes. It keeps your screen safe from any sharp objects in your pocket, such as keys, coins, and even knives. Shatter-proof film ensures glass sticks together even if broken. [Note] If you find any cracks on the screen protector, to avoid any possible further damage or injury, please wear a glove to remove the screen protector gently.

Easy to Install

Package includes one self-installation kit, contains all the accessory needed to install the protector film. Only need to put the fitting alignment frame on the iPhone and place the tempered glass screen saver film over the frame. Then will get perfect alignment without particles, bubbles, and dust.

Compatible Devices Cellphone
Item hardness 9H
Material Tempered Glass
Screen size 6.7 Inches
Screen Surface Description Matte

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