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Porodo Kid's Walkie Talkie

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Walkie Talkie, An Amusing Gadget To Play And Talk With Your Friends On A Privet Channel To Accomplish Mission,With Up To 3Km Range And 4H Working Time And Also 2 Days Standby, You Can Always Have Call To Your Friends.

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The Porodo Kids Walkie Talkie is a creative gift and toy for your kids above six years which can be used for interaction between the kids or can be used to follow the children when they are going out for playing games or something else.

Long Battery Life

Porodo Kids walkie-talkie is working on 4*AAA batteries, and it has two days standby for charging. Our kids' walkie-talkie is a simple outdoor toy for kids above six years, and it’s easy to use and interact with fellow kids without any prior knowledge. Porodo’s two-way interactive walkie-talkie can be used as an indoor toy to improve gaming sessions.


Our new walkie-talkies are easy to carry along with children during any outdoor activities. It’s a fun spy toy for young detective minds to add an easy-to-use two-way communication device between the children. With robust antennas and a 3 km range, Porodo kids walkie talkies are perfect gaming partners for boys and girls for their outdoor activities.

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