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Panasonic Super Uni-directional Condenser Microphone & Boom Mic

Panasonic Super Uni-directional Condenser Microphone & Boom Mic

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Panasonic EM-2800 (EM-2800) is a directional electret condenser microphone designed for super sound recording with high sensitivity and minimal sound. EM-2800 works very effectively in conditions of high ambient noise, the distance or near, because it has integrated tele or normal function that can switch from a switcher built. Kit comes with mounting boom systems (standard pole) jack adapter and foam. Standard XLR plug connects.

Key Features

– Condenser microphones are dedicated appreciate the form of sound quality as well as excellent sound distances from 40cm-70cm
– Type Micro is used to record the meeting to internet television, sound clear, bright, simultaneously meeting 10 people on a
– Micro Application for choral singing
– Record directly from your camcorder
– Micro receiver noise in the far distance (high db)

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