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Insta360 Flow Pro AI-Powered Gimbal Stabilizer for Smartphone

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Apple DockKit Enabled

Insta360 Flow Pro is the first gimbal with DockKit. Stay in frame and create videos, live stream, and video call directly with your iPhone's native camera app and your favorite thid-party iOS apps.

360° Infinite Pan Tracking

With a full 360° pan rotation, Flow Pro means unlimited tracking, no interruptions! Capture your surroundings and activities without limits.

Deep Track 3.0 with Animal Tracking

Powerful AI tracking that keeps you in frame no matter what. Stay locked on with Person Re-Identification, All-Angle Tracking and smarter Subject Recovery. You can even track pets with new Animal Tracking!

3-Axis Stabilization

Your phone footage has never looked so smooth. Flow Pro's 3-axis gimbal stabilization cancels out the shakes in your footage from dawn to dusk.

Portable & Foldable

With a compact design, it easily fits into your bag or pocket. Flow Pro then unfolds in a single motion, auto-balances, and auto powers on so you can get shooting faster.

Built-In Selfie Stick and Tripod

All your essential tools in one with a built-in tripod, selfie stick, cold shoe and power bank. No other gear needed, with Flow Pro you're all set for a full day's filming.

One-Tap Pairing

Tap to pair via NFC using DockKit for the smoothest first-time connection. The next time you use Flow Pro, get going in a flash with auto-reconnection!

Brand Insta360
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