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Earldom ES-LC10 Global Universal Charger with Dual USB ports

Ksh 4,499
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we have kept travel in mind when designing this power adapter, and created one of the most compact and travel-friendly adapters on the market. It's small enough to pack almost anywhere, and has all of its prongs built in. Never get annoyed by complicated power adapters, make your vacation simpler.


power your adventure in over 150 countries with US, EU, UK, and AUS power plugs. Output and input power from 100V-240V (50/60Hz). Guaranteed to work with most appliances and power plug types. Universal outlet design is compatible with all prong types and sports a safety shutter for when it is not in use.


In addition to a regular outlet, this power adapter has two built in 2.0A USB charging ports. No need to buy multiple power adapters to charge all your devices, this one can do it all.


This power adapter protects all your devices from over charging and power surges. A removable fuse makes sure your devices never receive more power than they can handle, and in case something doesn't happen, replacing the fuse with spare one takes less than 30 seconds

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