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50 (Fifty) - 50 (Fifty) Kenyan Board Game

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Ksh 4,999

To begin, the starting team rolls the dice and advances their token. If you land on either a red or black square, one member of the team will be required to select a maximum of 2 cards from the box of cards and ask questions from the corresponding color on the card. The opposing team will turn over the 50-second timer to start timing the specific round. Each correct answer is 5 points and the objective of the game is for a team to accumulate 500 points before the other team/s.


One Playing Board

190 Question Cards

50 Supreme Court Cards

5 Playing Tokens

One 50 Second Sand Timer

One Scorecard Notepad

One Playing Die

One Rules Leaflet

Over 3800 Kenyan words with a touch of Africa!

50-50 can be played by 4-20 players and between 2-5 teams

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