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Xiaomi Mi Mini Vacuum Cleaner - White

  • Brand: Xiaomi
  • Product Code: Mi Mini Vacuum Cleaner
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Ksh 7,500
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Clean up anywhere anytime

A vacuum cleaner slimmer than a flask: Cleans the room while also pleasing the eye

Only 0.5kg, even lighter than a bottle of water, effortless to lift

Powerful brushless motor

efficient cleaning with dual vents

The high-performance brushless motor and the straight dual-vent design reduce energy loss and improve cleaning efficiency.

The quick start-stop prevents dust from staying in the nozzle when you turn off the machine.

- 13,000 Pa: Powerful suction

- 88,000 rpm: Motor speed

- Quick start-stop: Keeps dust from escaping

Visible strong power:

- Easily lift a laptop computer

Handy to clean up:

- Compact, easy to use, great for different household cleaning needs. Never worry again about food crumbs on the floor.

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