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Sony SRS-RA3000 360 Reality Audio Wi-Fi / Bluetooth Wireless Smart Speaker

  • Brand: Sony
  • Product Code: Sony SRS-RA3000
  • Availability: In Stock
Ksh 35,000

Enjoy enhanced sound quality with 360 Reality Audio compatibility with the black Sony SRS-RA3000 Wireless Speaker. This speaker is designed to disperse sound all around with its full-range driver and top-facing omni diffuser to help you hear your music clearly anywhere in the room. Auto sound calibration technology actively adjusts the sound settings to provide optimized audio.

Ambient Room-Filling Sound

Utilizing Sony's 360 Reality Audio technology, the SRS-RA3000 provides ambient room-filling sound. This technology spreads sound by directing it vertically and horizontally to fill your room with sound.

360 Reality Audio Playback

Built with 360 Reality Audio in mind, the SRS-RA3000 decodes 360 RA tracks from key streaming service partners (Tidal, Deezer, Nugs) to provide the optimal way to listen to 360 Reality Audio music.

Immersive Audio Enhancement

Developed by using a sound processing algorithm created by Sony, the Immersive Audio Enhancement technology upscales traditional stereo music to room-filling immersive 360 Reality Audio tracks.

Auto Sound Calibration

The auto sound calibration feature of the SRS-RA3000 offers you optimal sonic performance, wherever you place the speaker. Every time you turn on and play music, the SRS-RA3000 automatically calibrates itself during music playback with its internal microphone and Sony's unique algorithm.

Wired Connectivity

Listen to your music via a wired connection with an onboard 3.5mm audio port.


Connect your device via Bluetooth connection to enjoy listening to your content.


Utilize a Wi-Fi connection to listen to your content via the Chromecast built-in feature and Spotify Connect.

Streaming Services

The SRS-RA3000 supports both Chromecast built-in and Spotify Connect to be able to playback music from your favorite streaming music applications.

Voice Assistant Compatibility

The SRS-RA300 speaker is able to be controlled via Amazon Alexa- and Google Assistant-enabled smart devices.


Enjoy multi-room audio by adding the SRS-RA3000 to a speaker group in either the Google Home or Amazon Alexa apps.

Omni Diffuser

The omni diffuser is utilized to spread sound throughout the entire room.

Full-Range Speaker

The full-range speaker provides accurate mid- and high-range sound.

Passive Radiators

Two passive radiators provide deep bass.


DSEE HX (Digital Sound Enhancement Engine) technology is also onboard to help enhance audio quality.

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