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Ramtons RM/357 Hot and Cold Free Standing Water Dispenser

  • Brand: Ramtons
  • Product Code: Ramtons RM/357
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Ksh 26,500
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Enjoy perfectly chilled or hot water with this Ramtons freestanding water dispenser, ideal for the home or office. It ensures your water dispenses at the chosen temperature and is ready to serve. Three taps on the same dispenser allow access to refreshingly cold, hot and room temperature water. Built to last, this dispenser appliance has a sturdy stainless steel tank for enhanced durability. It has an efficient and superior compressor for instant cooling or heating. Advanced features like overheat protection and automatic temperature control add to your convenience.

Key Features

•Overheat protection

•With a drip tray

•Stainless steel water tank

•Navy & silver

•Button dispenser

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