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Promate ApexHub-MST 13-in-1 Multi-Display Docking Station

Ksh 42,500
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Dual HDMI Ports and Display Port for 4K Mirroring:

Mirror or extend your USB-C PC/laptop screen, stream 4K@30Hz UHD using two in-built HDMI ports and DisplayPort. With ApexHub-MST you can extend your display screen and have an amazing visual experience.

Ultimate High-Definition Triple Display (MST)

Stream high-definition, crystal clear pictures to multiple screens simultaneously via the Dual 4K HDMI Ports and DisplayPort. Enjoy a crisp, clear display that delivers HD streams so you can experience high quality, clear display as well as extending of your screen.

Supreme 100W USB-C Power Delivery Port

The ApexHub-MST has a USB-C charging bridge that charges your USB-C supporting laptops or other USB-C devices at powerful 100W Power Delivery to keep your compatible laptop charged up at the fastest speed. This delivery of optimum power ensures your compatible devices have longer battery life.

Ethernet Support with Stable 1000 Mbps Speed

The ApexHub-MST USB-C hub offers full 1000 Mbps superfast gigabit Ethernet performance. No unstable internet and no need for any software drivers, surfing the internet and charging at the same time.

USB Ports with 5Gbps Data Transfer Speed

With the Promate ApexHub-MST and its two USB 3.0 and two USB 2.0 ports, you can effortlessly connect and transfer your data or heavy files at the data transfer speed of 5Gbps. With this ultra-fast Sync Charge USB port, you can connect all your external USB drives, printer, and game controllers and enjoy faster transmission than any other traditional USB Port.

Enjoy Seamless Data Access with SD/TF Card Reader

ApexHub-MST features SD and microSD card slots for the seamless transfer of photos and other files from your various devices such as mobile phones or cameras to your MacBook or laptop, making this data hub simply perfect for everyone.

Brand Promate
Compatible Devices Card Readers Laptops Printers
Hardware interface USB USB Type C Ethernet HDMI USB 3.0 USB 2.0
Number of ports 2
Operating System Linux

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