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Nunix Z4 Hot And Normal Water Dispenser - Black And Grey

  • Brand: Nunix
  • Product Code: Nunix Z4 Dispenser
  • Availability: In Stock
Ksh 3,999

A Table top or Countertop Water Dispenser Saves Space-When you invest in a countertop water dispenser, you don’t have to sacrifice valuable floor space. It’s efficient and compact and won’t be in anyone’s way.

A Table top or Countertop Water Dispenser Is Easy to Use. All people have to do is press a button in order to get hot and cold water on demand.

 A Table top or Countertop Water Dispenser Keeps your family  Healthy. Getting enough water is a key part of staying healthy. Drinking more water puts less wear and tear on your kidneys and helps your skin resist skin disorders and wrinkling. Also, when you drink water instead of soda, you’re taking a large step toward maintaining a healthy weight.

Putting in an office water dispenser in your workspace (or home, for that matter) puts cool, refreshing water at your fingertips. Employees and co-workers can get all the water they need, leaving them hydrated and healthy.

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