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Mcdodo CC-7030 45W Digital Display PD Car Charger

  • Brand: Mcdodo
  • Product Code: Mcdodo CC-7030 45W
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Ksh 4,500
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Built-in digital display intelligent voltage monitoring chip, can be real-time monitoring of car battery voltage. If 12.0V and below, need to change the battery or short circut may lead to fire; 12.0-12.8v, normal status before the car turns on; 13.0-14.8v normal status after the car turns on.

Multiple protections including over power protection, over heat protection, over temperature protection, over voltage protection, over current protection and short circuit protection.

Widely compatible with fast charging protocols of IPHONE, HUAWEI, XIAOMI, SAMSUNG etc. From 4.5V to 20V this charger can support widely power delivery.

Easy to work in car when your laptop battery low, 30w high power charger for devices with type c port like macbook and matebook.

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