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JBL Rock ONE Series Rechargeable Portable UHF Wireless Microphone System

  • Brand: JBL
  • Product Code: Rock ONE Series Mic
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Ksh 23,500
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Perfectly complements the JBL EON ONE series and works with most other portable PA systems

Both receiver and microphone feature truly portable wireless chargeability via the included USB-C charging cable, without the need for external power charging – both can be charged directly from JBL EON ONE or other portable PAs that offer onboard USB output charging

Rock ONE system includes up to 10 hours of continuous working time

Receiver can be charged while operating, offering longer presentation or performance time

Integrated UHF wireless communications are the most stable wireless format in China and much less susceptible to the interference of traditional 2.4G / 5.2G wireless

 10 available frequency pairing bands between 645.25MHz and 684.25MHz (within China SRRC regulations), allow up to four Rock ONE microphone/receiver sets to be used simultaneously

 Infrared microphone/receiver pairing offers close-distance connections without interference to other Rock ONE microphone/receiver sets

Receiver includes 6.35 mm mono output and individual volume control for maximizing audio dynamics when used in conjunction with JBL EON ONE or other portable PA systems

Microphone’s large-tail LED design offers the ability to use exchangeable color plates (red, white, yellow and pink) so that up to four Rock ONE microphones can be easily distinguished from one another

Professional VM200 mic cartridge and super-cardioid mic pattern empower impeccable vocal capture and delivery and are ideal for speaking presentations and singing performances

Robust < 30 mW microphone transmission power offers 30 meters of microphone to receiver communication range, perfect for most presentation or portable performing rooms and spaces

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