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Eufy WetVac W31 Wet and Dry Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

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2,500 RPM Rolling Brush

At 2,500 rpm, the rolling brush efficiently lifts dirt from your floors as the 12,500 Pa suction power sucks it in so you can enjoy a deeper, more thorough clean.*

2-in-1 Rolling Brush

The superfine, soft bristles efficiently soak up water and oils, while the secondary scrub brush deep cleans cracks and crevices in your floor.

Auto-Dry Technology

After you've finished using WetVac to clean your floors, WetVac will automatically wash and dry itself at its charging station for odor-free storage.

Pick Up More Messes

At 40 rotations per second, the rolling brush digs deep and lifts embedded dirt from your floors for a more thorough clean.

Real-Time Self-Cleaning

A continuous stream of fresh water rinses the rolling brush as it mops your floors.

35-Min Long Runtime

Lasting up to 35 minutes, you can thoroughly clean up wet and dry messes uninterrupted.

Multi-Surface Cleaning

The two specially designed rolling brushes are perfect for a variety of hard floors and carpets throughout your home.

What's In The Box?

Includes 1.WetVac W31, 2.User Manual and Other Documents, 3.Multi-Surface Rolling Brush, 4.Carpet Rolling Brush, 5.Hard Floor Cleaner, 6.Filter, 7.Charging Base and 8.Cleaning Tool

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