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Benks MW03 USB Charging LED Digital Screen Mosquito Killer Lamp

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1. Material: ABS

2. Input: 5V 1A

3. Interface: Type-C

4. 360-degree stereo frequency conversion light waves, mosquitoes have nowhere to escape

5. Using 28-layer high-density electric mosquito net, it will be wiped out with one touch

6. The seven-blade fan has a powerful cyclone and strong turbine suction

7. When the protective cover is disassembled or loosened, it will automatically power off and enter the safe mode

8. Built-in static wind motor, low noise and durable

9. Portable handle, easy to use

10. Low saturation and dark light, no glare at night

11. The mosquito storage box can be flushed directly, easy to clean

12. Battery capacity: 2000mAh

13. Size: 195x130x130mm

14. Weight: 482g

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