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Baseus Sunshine Series LED Night Light

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Baseus Sunshine Series LED Night Light - PIR human body induction, Photosensitive induction

Practical and energy-efficient, the Baseus Sunshine Series entrance night light will provide enough light right there where you need it the most. The Baseus Sunshine Series night light uses two motion detection technologies - PIR human body induction and photosensitive induction, so it won't waste power when no one is around. Also, the light will work only at night, and it won't light up during the daytime. This night light has an integrated battery that can last up to 150 days, and can be mounted on your wall really easy.


- Practical body induction activated night light

- A practical solution for hallways, bedrooms, kids rooms, etc.

- Automatically lights up when it detects someone's presence

- Provides mild LED light, pleasant and not harmful for your eyes

- Features a manual switch where you can turn it on, off or set an auto mode

- Comes with rechargeable 500mAh capacity battery

- Place it on the wall easily using the included magnetic base


- Power: 0.5W

- Battery capacity: 500mAh

- Color temperature: 4000K (Natural light)

- Materials: PC and ABS

- Dimensions: 108mm x 60mm x 22mm

- Weight: 85g

Package includes:

- Baseus Sunshine Series Night Light

- Mounting base

- USB charging cable

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