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Baseus Encok E09 Wireless Speaker with Dual Alarm Clock & FM

  • Brand: Baseus
  • Product Code: Baseus Encok E09
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Bluetooth speaker, alarm clock and bedside lamp in one

Thanks to the Baseus 3in1 speaker, getting up every day can be a pleasure. Every morning you can wake up to the music you like. The clock connects via bluetooth to the phone or via the AUX cable. Simple, yet original, the appearance of the speaker will perfectly match the decor of your home.

 Two alarm clocks in one

The Baseus clock allows you to set two alarm clocks at the same time. This is a great solution for two when you get up at different times or if one alarm clock is not enough for you.

 Two backlight modes

Thanks to two backlight modes, the clock clearly displays the time during the day, and very delicately at night, so that the time is visible, but not dazzling the eyes at the same time.

 Unique design

The clock and loudspeaker in one looks extremely stylish and modern. It was made of the best quality materials and finished with the greatest precision.

 High-quality Bluetooth speaker

Two 40 mm speakers with a power of 3 W and a sixteen-core double magnetic drive allow you to produce incredibly powerful sounds. Music playback is possible via a Bluetooth connection with a smartphone or tablet, memory card or AUX cable.

Battery Capacity 1500mah
Bluetooth Version 4.2
Brand Baseus
Charging time 4 Hours
Colour Black
Output Wattage 6W

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