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Baseus Block Digital Display Quick Charge Power Bank - 10000mAh (20W)

  • Brand: Baseus
  • Product Code: Baseus Block Digital - 10000maH
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Ksh 3,499
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Recharging your devices is much faster and easier now with the Baseus Block Digital Display power bank. With a large capacity battery, you can provide your gadgets with enough time for surfing, gaming, streaming music, etc. This fast-charging power bank is equipped with a built-in Type-C cable, Type-C input/output, and USB output so you can charge multiple devices simultaneously.


- High-quality Block Digital Display power bank by Baseus

- Built-in Type-C charging cable for fast charging

- LED display allows you to check the battery status at any time

- Baseus power bank supports multiple charging protocols

- Multiple safety systems for safer charging of your devices

- Compact design is perfect for traveling and everyday use

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