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Anker PowerConf S500 Speakerphone with Zoom Rooms Certification

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    VoiceRadar Technology

    PowerConf S500 speakerphone automatically focuses on voice sources in the room while eliminating unwanted noise. Speech is delivered without any of the echos and distractions of a hectic meeting room.

    Sensitive Voice Pickup

    4 microphones with 32KHz sampling rate transmit your voice in stunning definition and clarity. Full duplex communication ensures clear 2-way audio even when both ends are speaking simultaneously.

    Zoom Certified

    Zoom Rooms certification means that PowerConf S500 meets Zoom’s highest professional standards. Their strictest tests say it delivers performance for rooms of up to 12 people.

    Hi-Fi Grade Sound

    An acoustically tuned 1.75-inch speaker delivers performance that exceeds the demands of ordinary speakerphones. Music and other audio is played in amazing quality.

    Double Up

    Wirelessly pair two S500s to increase coverage in rooms of up to 20 people.

    Easy to Use

    Connect to plug and play via USB-C, or wirelessly via Bluetooth or the included dongle. No IT knowledge required.

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