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Airoheart - PlayStation 5

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Engage in real-time combat - Fight your way through dangerous monsters in real-time combat - Plant bombs, cast spells, drink potions, and overcome the dangers of Engard

Journey through an enchanting open world - Discover a beautifully handcrafted retro-inspired pixel art world featuring an overhead perspective t - Immerse yourself in a vast and captivating world bursting with life and unique characters

Conquer dungeons & solve puzzles - Acquire weapons and armor, and learn magical abilities to overcome complex puzzles & unlock new areas to explore - Navigate your way through murky dungeons & watch out for deadly traps and vicious enemies

Embark on a quest to save the world - Unravel a tale of betrayal, tragedy and redemption piece by piece - Embark on an adventure to stop your brother from unleashing an ancient evil

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