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Powerology Universal Multi-Port Travel Adapter PD 65W

Ksh 7,500
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Universal Plugs Advantage

This is a great option especially when you are headed to a county that does not cover the standard charging plugs or those who have multiple cables that they want to plug. The powerology universal multi-port type C adapter plug can be used in more than 150 countries.

This universal charger is essential for those people that use it to travel a lot. No need to bring several adapters with different plugs, the Powerology universal charger is crafted to support all the existing plugs.

Multi-Port for Functionality

The Powerology multi-port universal type C adapter plug brings multiple benefits at the same time. Get your electronic devices charged at higher speeds also at the same time. The hassle of collecting several chargers ends with the multiport USB. Each device has different charging rates and needs; this multiport charger satisfies them all. Having 3 type-c ports and 2 USB-A ports provides the ultimate comfort for you.

Brand Powerology
Colour Grey
Item Dimensions LxWxH 11 x 9 x 8.5 centimeters

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